Tourist & Business Visa Requirements


Travel Notes

Citizenship: USA

Please note this visa requirements are for US citizens only. If you are not a US citizen please contact our office at (914) 592-2760.

US passport must be signed, valid for at least 6 months and with at least 2-3 blank visa pages not amendment pages in passport. If your passport does not meet the requirements, we can assist with obtaining new passport or passport renewal for a valid US passport.

Application forms may be duplicated on plain paper but must be clear copies with original signature.

Entry Requirements

US Citizens DO require visas for BUSINESS PURPOSES (even meetings) Tourism is not permitted yet since Covid as of April 2022.   JAPAN VISA INFORMATION HOTLINE (24 hours / 7 days a week, English only)
– 1-888-704-4459 (From U.S.A.)

  • US Citizens DO require visas for professional performing Arts, Entertainment, Sporting events, Students, and long term employment or official visas. Participating in any remunerative activities, taking depositions or news reporting. Please call us for further instructions.
NON US CITIZENS: Additional requirements
  • If you’re a United States Alien resident, Green Card or valid I-94 and U.S. resident visa to re-enter the United States (F or J visa holder must show an I-20 or DS-2019 with the valid signature of an appropriate official in order for re-entry). If you will be entering a third country after leaving Japan, you must show a valid visa to enter that country (or a national passport of that country).
    • We ask that all applicants submit their original immigration documents (green card, I-20, etc.) or a NOTARIZED copy of the documents.
    • * Please note that in principle we do not accept an application from B-1 and B-2 U.S. visa status holders.
  • If you’re a United States Visa holder, a copy of your U.S. Visa must be attached to your application.
  • Some special circumstances include: Chinese citizens must write their names in Chinese characters, as well as in Roman letters. Korean citizens in principle are asked to write their names in Chinese characters, as well as in Roman letters.
  • Persons planning to travel to Japan for a different purpose, such as students, workers, journalists, entertainers, attorneys (taking depositions), etc., must apply for a different visa in the appropriate category.* A Transit Visa is for those who intend to rest for overnight before traveling on to a third country. If a visa is required for the third country, please obtain the visa first before applying a Japanese transit visa.
Business Visa requirements: As of May 2022

BUSINESS TRAVELERS must obtain a ERFS CERTIFICATE from host in JAPAN first.

Send HOST THIS LINK for HEALTH DEPARTMENT to obtain certificate.

Please forward this to host in Japan

Certificate for Completion of Registration to the ERFS system the inviter in Japan may follow the instruction on this link: 「外国人新規入国オンライン申請」の受付開始について|厚生労働省 (

This certificate is in addition to INVITATION FROM HOST IN JAPAN, Support letters from US. Once these documents are received by JIDS we can make an appointment with the consulate to deliver the documents for submission, Once approved it will take 4-7 days for them to issue the visa in the passport.

CALL JIDS for all documents required. 914-592-2760

TOURISM or anything other than business IS NOT ALLOWED at time  JAPAN VISA INFORMATION HOTLINE (24 hours / 7 days a week, English only)
– 1-888-704-4459 (From U.S.A.)Once borders open up : Temporary Visitor Visa
 is for those who intend to stay in Japan for 90 days or less for such purposes as follows:
Sightseeing; sports; visiting relatives, friends, or acquaintances; visiting a sick person; attending a wedding or funeral ceremony; participating in athletic tournaments; contests etc. as an amateur; business purposes (such as market research, business liaison, business consultation, signing a contract, or providing after-sale service for imported machinery); inspecting or visiting plants, trade fairs etc.; attending lectures, explanatory meetings etc.; academic surveys or research presentations; religious pilgrimages or visits; friendship visits to sister cities, sister schools etc.; or other similar activities during a short period of stay in Japan.

  • Valid, signed passport (6 months validity) and blank visa pages.
  • Plus one photo copy of the face page
Visa Application
  • One Visa Application Form completed and signed. NEW YORK Jurisdiction The Consulate General of Japan in New York exclusively serves the following areas: Connecticut (Fairfield County only), Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands.

CALL JIDS for other jurisdictions. JIDS can help you with other jurisdictions, please advise the representative.  Here are a few others:

.C.G.J. IN CHICAGOArea served: Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota and Wisconsin, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota
C.G.J. IN DETROITArea served: Michigan and Ohio
C.G.J. IN BOSTONArea served: Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Connecticut (other than Fairfield County)
C.G.J. IN ATLANTAArea served: Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina
C.G.J. IN MIAMIArea served: Florida
C.G.J. IN NASHVILLEArea served: Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee
C.G.J. IN HOUSTONArea served: Texas and Oklahoma
Photo Requirement

NOTE: GLUE ONLY, please do not staple or tape.

  • Applicant must submit (1) color, passport style 2 x 2 photograph.The photos must be recent within 6 months, and generally not the same photo as in the passport.

See digital image requirements: Passport Photo Requirements.

Proof of Travel
  • Must submit a computer-generated itinerary from a travel agency or online travel site. E-confirmation from an airline or travel company showing departure from the U.S. and arrival/departure to and from your visa destination. Acceptable with a valid record locator.

ORDER FORM then PRINT to include with documents.

  1. COPIES of all documents included in your package to JIDS. If copies are not included then a $10.00 copy fee will be applied.
  2. Justin Document Service – ORDER FORM & copies Mandatory order form, which must be included with your original documents to JIDS.
  • Invitation (is no longer required, if you have one feel free to include)
If Business Cover Letter from the U.S. Company
  • Note: Self-employed must also submit a copy of a recent bank statement.For business letter please note the following:Applicant must submit a Business letter of support from a U.S. based company.
    • This letter must be on your company letterhead.
    • This letter must be sign by someone other than the applicant.
    • Passport Information
    • How your expenses will be paid

    Must be an original signed document.

    See example below:

    • Example of Business Letter
    • Some additional things to add to above letter for Japan.  If traveling for BUSINESS, original letter from applicant’s company signed by an authorized executive officer, on company letterhead, stating:
      a) applicant’s position in the company, duration of employment, and monthly or annual salary
      b) nature/purpose of visit in detail
      c) dates/duration of stay intended
      d) contact person, company name, address and phone number of business contact in Japan
      e) guarantee of financial support during applicant’s stay in Japan and return transportation from Japan* Additional documents may be requested during the course of examination.

Multiple entry for some nationalities may require additional documents FOR EXAMPLE citizen of India click here

If going to attend a CONFERENCE, conference brochures plus a paid registration form and invitation will be required.

Extra Tourist Travel requirements:
  • Schedule of stay form
  • Hotel Confirmation or if travel is for visiting, a letter from the visiting friend along with one of the following; applicant original monthly bank statement, original tax returns, cash or traveler’s checks, or copy from applicant employer noting salary length of employment, position and length of vacation.
  •  The applicant’s most recent monthly US bank statement to show sufficient funds for the purposed trip(complete originals plus copies of all pages).
  • a letter from the applicant’s employer, directed to this Consulate, noting salary, length of employment, position, and dates of vacation (for the owner of a small business, please submit business license or certificate and annual report)
  • Additional documents may be requested during the course of examination.  You can see more about this on the website.
Accompanying MINORS :
  • Application form signed by both parents or legal guardian(s).
  • Notarized letter of consent signed by both parents or legal guardian(s).
  • Original and copy of the minor’s birth certificate.
Fees and processing time:

Consular fee and processing time: (consular fees may change and vary by natioanlity)

  • $ 31 Per Tourist/Business Rush Visa 4 – 7  business days MINIMUM processing time  if applicable from day of submission
  • If all requirements are met, most visas can normally be issued within 4-7 business days from day of submission to consulate.  The time to process an application for a Temporary Visitor Visa depends on the applicant’s circumstances. In most cases, it takes four to seven working days if the documentation is in order. There are some cases; however, in which a few weeks or more are needed to process an application.
    However, there are certain cases that require referral to the Ministry in Japan. These cases may take 1-2 months.

NY jurisdiction consists of New York State, Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, The U.S. Virgin Islands, and West Virginia. If you live and work in Connecticut, you may apply for a visa in NY  but only if you live and work in Fairfield County. If you are not located within the area covered by this Consulate call JIDS to advise which state you live in.

Return Shipping fees:
  •  Federal Express starting at $34.95 for priority Weekday Delivery based on zip code.Special Deliveries of Federal Express VARY (Ex. SATURDAY DELIVERY OR 8AM DELIVERY, call for rates).RESIDENT home deliveries are an additional $3.00 to have signature required.Verify SIGNATURE OR NO SIGNATURE must be selected.
  • You can include a printed air bill to avoid additional charges. Account numbers without air bill will be charged $5.00.
Health Requirements
  • Vaccinations are NOT required unless travel is from or through an infected area.
  • Visit the Center for Disease Control: CDC.GOV for complete health requirements.
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