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Citizenship: USA

Please note this visa requirements are for US citizens only. If you are not a US citizen please contact our office at (914) 592-2760.

US passport must be signed, valid for at least 6 months and with at least 2-3 blank visa pages not amendment pages in passport. If your passport does not meet the requirements, we can assist with obtaining new passport or passport renewal for a valid US passport.

Pre-Check Documents is available.  If you choose to not pre check your documents, and JIDS receives your documents with errors, you will be charged for a representative to assist you with corrections.
Concierge Service is available for this country.

Your Checklist– Documents Required 2022

PLEASE CHECK DIRECTLY with the CONSULATE GENERAL OF INDONESIA ,as of January 19,2022 they are advising most borders are closed. The border is still closed until further notice, except for business, investment and spouse reunion purpose only


BUSINESS VISA can be obtained two ways until further notice.

1/If BUSINESS MEETINGS ONLY ,the Consulate advised you can do it at point of entry. They suggest carrying an invitation form your host saying it is only business meetings, entry is still at discretion of border control at immigration in Indonesia.

2/Your host in Indonesia can do an EVISA FOR YOU through immigration and email it to you.  JIDS cannot do this for you at this time visas are not being issued at the consulate. (September 2022).

Travelers entering Indonesia must present a negative COVID-19 PCR test result in English taken no more than 72 hours prior to departure

Must present proof of vaccination showing that at least 14 days have passed since the last dose of a COVID-19 vaccine has been administered

To register, both Indonesian citizens and foreign nationals will first have to visit the website of to apply for verification.

Download and use

PeduliLindungi Mobile App

Due to the increased of imported cases of transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 and SARSCoV-2 new variants, namely, the Alpha, Beta, Delta, and Gamma variants that are developing, the Government of the Republic of Indonesia has made regulatory adjustment through the Addendum to the National Task Force for COVID-19 Handling Circular Letter Number 8 Year 2021 concerning International Travel Health Protocols during the COVID-19 Pandemic (SE-08 Addendum) with adding new and additional provisions for foreign nationals to enter Indonesia as follows:

  1. All foreign nationals entering the territory of the Republic of Indonesia are required to show a COVID-19 vaccination certificate or vaccination card (in physical form or digital form) as proof of completing vaccination in full dose.
  2. Foreign nationals shall undertake quarantine of 8 x 24 hours at the list of accommodations Certified by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia upon independent choosing, with cost-burdened independently.
  3. After the 8 x 24 hours mandatory quarantine and negative PCR test results, all international travellers are encouraged to undertake self-isolation at their respective residence up until a total of 14 days after arrival in Indonesia.
  4. RT-PCR test 7 x 24 hours after arrival/before terminating 8 x 24 hours mandatory quarantine period.
    As for other provisions stated in the COVID-19 Task Force Circular No. 8 of 2021 are still valid, among others:
  5. RT-PCR health test requirements for foreign nationals travelling from abroad are as follow:
            – 3 x 24 hours before departure to Indonesia; and
            – 1 x 24 hours after arrival in Indonesia.

Visa can be obtained directly when you are landed at the certain airports and seaport in Indonesia regardless of the purpose of your visits (Business, Tourist, Social). The Visa on Arrival is not a work visa nor a visitation visa. Therefore, it can not be converted to obtain other immigration permits. The maximum stays permitted for the visa on arrival is 30 days. If you plan to stay longer than 30 days, you need to mention your intention to stay longer. Visa on Arrival can be extended for another 30 days. The general requirements for Visa On Arrival are:

  • Expiration date of the applicant’s passport (full validity passport) must be at least 6 (six) months at the date of entry, which has at least one blank page for visa (amendment and endorsement pages cannot be used for visa). A limited validity passport is not accepted without a prior Indonesian visa.
  • At least one blank visa page
  • Round-trip airplane ticket
  • Visa on Arrival fee
Business Visa requirements:
  • Valid Signed Passport
    • Applicant must submit their current signed passport. Applicant must also include a color copy of the information page of the passport.
    • Passport must be  valid for at least six months past the last day of stay from international destination for single entry into Indonesia
    • 1 year validity from last day of stay if applying for a multiple entry.

Note: In order to obtain visas, passport must have at least two blank visa pages side by side. Pages in the passport marked “Amendment” pages are not valid for visas.

JIDS can help you  renew it if you need more validity. If you require passport services, please refer to our passport services section.

Photo Requirements
  • Applicant must submit (1) color, passport style 2 x 2 photograph.
  • The photos must be recent within 6 months, and generally not the same photo as in the passport.

See digital image requirements: Passport Photo Requirements.

Proof of Travel
  • Must submit a computer-generated itinerary from a travel agency or online travel site. E-confirmation from an airline or travel company showing departure from the U.S. and arrival/departure to and from your visa destination. Acceptable with a valid record locator.
  • Hotel Confirmation

One for Single entry

  • Two applications for multiple entry (see below for extra requirements for multiple entry)
  • Visa Application (for New York) or Visa Application
  • If link does not take you to application you can find it located here: Consulate Application
  • (for Washington D.C.) Form completed and signed
    • If you live outside the NY area ,processing time may be longer and additional fees will apply.  Call JIDS to inquire.
If Business Cover Letter from the U.S. Company
  • INVITATION for business from the host in Indonesia.

Note: Self-employed must also submit a copy of a recent bank statement.

  • For business letter please note the following:
    • Applicant must submit a Business letter of support from a U.S. based company.
    • This letter must be on your company letterhead.
    • This letter must be sign by someone other than the applicant.
  • Must be an original signed document.
  • Two copies if multiple entry requested

See example below:
Example of Business Letter

If Multiple Entry// Visa-Additional Requirements

HOST IN INDONESIA must go to IMMIGRATION and APPLY for a multiple entry. Once it is approved they will give and send the APPROVAL TO THE CONSULATE GENERAL OF NEW YORK and ALSO A COPY TO YOU. Advise your host that you will be using the Consulate in New York (if that is your jurisdiction) This must be included with your documents.

A Multiple-Entry visa requires the passport to be valid for at least one (1) year from the date of first entry
  1. Approval with Approval # from immigration in Indonesia that your host will obtain for you.
  2. A letter of intent (in duplicate) from the employer or sponsor, which describes the purpose of the visit and guarantees all transportation and living expenses that will incur in Indonesia.
  3. The sponsor’s identity.
  4. A recommendation letter from the relevant institution, e.g. the Ministry of Education for a student for
  5. the following purposes: knowledge-sharing visits, short courses, and short trainings.
  6. The trading business license (SIUP).
  7. The tax payer registered number (NPWP).
  8. The company’s deed of establishment and ministerial approval.
  9. The company’s registration certificate.
  10. The family card, marriage certificate, birth certificate (if required).
  11. Not being on the entry black list

*5-8 is specifically for a company as the guarantor for business visa

*9 is for private person guarantor

Justin Document Service – ORDER FORM & copies Mandatory order form, which must be included with your original documents to JIDS.

  1. ORDER FORM then PRINT to include with documents.
  2. COPIES of all documents included in your package to JIDS. If copies are not included then a $10.00 copy fee will be applied.
Tourist Visa requirements: No visa required for under a 30 day stay. Tourism only.
  • Valid Signed Passport (as above)
  •  Photo Requirement Applicant must submit (1) color, passport style 2 x 2 photograph.The photos must be recent within 6 months, and generally not the same photo as in the passport.
  • Proof of Travel
    • Must submit a computer-generated itinerary from a travel agency or online travel site. E-confirmation from an airline or travel company showing departure from the U.S. and arrival/departure to and from your visa destination. Acceptable with a valid record locator.
    • Hotel Confirmation.
  • APPLICATION plus a duplicate (Limited stay is two, tourism is one) We suggest sending two.
    • Visa Application (for New York) or Visa Application (for Washington D.C.) Form completed and signed. If you live outside the NY area, processing time may be longer and additional fees will apply.  Call JIDS to inquire.
  • Proof of sufficient funds/ 3 months most recent bank statements
Fees and processing time:
  • Rush may be available 5 -10 business days from submission to the consulate.
  • Processing could vary from 5-10 business days.
  • $ 50 Per Tourist/Business  Single entry/3 month stay validity
  • $ 110 Per Tourist/Business Multiple entries /1 year validity
  • Applicable fee paid in U.S. Post Office Money Order, only. If you wish to include your own money order
  • DO NOT WRITE or STAMP any information on your money order.

JIDS can obtain this money order for you.
See our pricing sheet for fees associated with this.

Please NOTE: Embassy fees may change without notice. JIDS does not assume any responsibility for changes. The above fees DO NOT include JIDS service fees, or return mail fees.

If JIDS is paying government fees (consular or passport agency fees) on your behalf a 5.7% processing fee will be added.

For Just-In Document Service, Inc. service fee

Please refer to our pricing page or call us (914) 592-2760.

NON US CITIZENS: Additional requirements
  • If you’re a United States Alien resident, a copy of your Green Card must be attached to your application.
  • If you’re a United States Visa holder, a copy of your U.S. Visa must be attached to your application.
Accompanying MINORS :
  • Application form signed by both parents or legal guardian(s).
  • Notarized letter of consent signed by both parents or legal guardian(s).
  • Original and copy of the minor’s birth certificate.
Return Shipping fees:
  •  Federal Express starting at $39.95 for priority Weekday Delivery based on zip code. Special Deliveries of Federal Express VARY (Ex. SATURDAY DELIVERY OR 8AM DELIVERY, call for rates). RESIDENT home deliveries are an additional $3.00 to have signature required. Verify SIGNATURE OR NO SIGNATURE must be selected.
  • You can include a printed air bill to avoid additional charges. Account numbers without air bill will be charged $5.00.
Health Requirements
  • Vaccination against yellow fever required if arriving within 6 days after leaving or transiting countries with risk of yellow fever transmission For details, click here.
  • Exempt from Yellow Fever vaccination:
    • Children under 9 months of age.
    • Passengers transiting countries with risk of yellow fever transmission provided not leaving the transit areas.
  • Recommended:
    • Malaria prophylaxis: malaria risk exists throughout the year in most areas of the five eastern provinces of East Nusa Tenggara, Maluku, North Maluku, Papua and West Papua. In other parts of the country, there is malaria risk in some stricts, except in Jakarta Municipality, in cities and urban areas as well as within the areas of the main tourist resorts. Human P. knowlesi reported in the province of Kalimantan. Recommended prevention in risk areas: C.
  • Visit the Center for Disease Control: CDC.GOV for complete health requirements.
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