Iraq-flag Tourist and Business Visa Requirements


  • US passport must be signed, valid for at least 6 months and with at least 2-3 blank visa pages not amendment pages in passport. If your passport does not meet the requirements, we can assist with obtaining new passport or  passport renewal  for a valid US passport.
  • Application forms may be duplicated on plain paper but must be clear copies with original signature.
  • Please note this visa requirements are for US citizens only. If you are not a US citizen please contact our office at (914) 592-2760.

Entry requirements for U.S. citizens:

  • Passport and Visa are required.
  • - Passports and other documents accepted for entry must be
      valid for a minimum of 6 months beyond the period of
      intended stay.
  • - Nationals of USA who have visited Congo (Dem. Rep.),
  • Guinea,Liberia, Nigeria, Senegal and Sierra Leone
    within 3 months prior to arrival in Iraq are subject
     to screening and health check. Exempt are holders of diplomatic passports.

Holders of passports containing an Israeli stamp or visa will be refused entry in Iraq.

Business & Tourist Visa requirements:

011_yes-128Color copy of valid, signed U.S. passport to apply, then once approved actual passport must be brought in for visa stamp.

Please allow 4 to 8 weeks for visas to be processed. Applicants will be contacted once the embassy is in receipt of the approval from authorities in Iraq.

011_yes-128One Visa Application Form completed and signed.

011_yes-128Two passport type photograph.

011_yes-128Detailed itinerary.

011_yes-128Justin Document Service – ORDER FORM & copies Mandatory order form, which must be included with your original documents to JIDS.
ORDER FORM then PRINT to include with documents.
COPIES of all documents included in your package to JIDS. If copies are not included then a $10.00 copy fee will be applied.If Business Visa additional requirements:

011_yes-128If travel is for business please include a business letter of responsibility, Click for Sample business letter.

This letter must be on your company letterhead.

This letter must be signed by someone other than the applicant.

011_yes-128INVITATION from host in Iraq-An official letter stating the purpose of travel (visit, work…etc), duration of stay, and/or an invitation letter from Iraqi authorities, the host company, meeting or exhibition organizers in Iraq.

011_yes-128If Tourist Visa requirements:

  • Letter of explanation of the trip objectives.
  • An official letter stating the purpose of travel (visit, work…etc), duration of stay, and/or an invitation letter from Iraqi authorities, the host company, meeting or exhibition organizers in Iraq.


011_yes-128Register with the US Embassy in the countries you will visit.
Give yourself peace of mind !
Simply fill out this form STEP FORM
and let JIDS will do it for you $20.00
The Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) allows U.S. citizens and nationals traveling abroad to enroll their trip with the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate. Help the U.S. Embassy contact you in an emergency. Read more…..

011_yes-128Visa Processing time and fees:

  • Just in Document will FedEx all required documents to DC consulate for processing and approval. Processing time could take from 4-6 weeks for approval. Passports will be required once approval is received.
  • Approved applicants will be issued single-entry visas valid for three months from the date of issuance.
    In some cases, multi entry-visas valid for six months and one year will be granted.
  • 40.00 single entry
  • 100.00 multiple entry

011_yes-128Health Requirements:
Visit the Center for Disease Control: CDC.GOV for complete health requirements.

011_yes-128Return Shipping fees:
Federal Express starting at $29.95 for priority Weekday Delivery based on zip code.Special Deliveries of Federal Express VARY (Ex. SATURDAY DELIVERY OR 8AM DELIVERY, call for rates).RESIDENT home deliveries are an additional $3.00 to have signature required.Verify SIGNATURE OR NO SIGNATURE must be selected.
You can include a printed air bill to avoid additional charges. Account numbers without air bill will be charged $5.00.

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