Guinea Bissau

Guinea_Bissau Tourist and Business Visa Requirements


Citizenship: USA


Your Checklist– A valid passport, visa, and proof of onward/return ticket are required.

As of August 2007, the Bissau-Guinean Embassy in Washington, D.C. remains temporarily closed.  The Embassy of Guinea-Bissau does not have a web site.  Due to lack of consular representation in the U.S., it is difficult to obtain the required visa for entry into Guinea-Bissau.  Since most flights destined for Guinea-Bissau must pass through Dakar, Senegal or Lisbon, Portugal, most travelers are able to apply for visas at the Bissau-Guinean embassies in those countries.  Although it is possible to obtain a visa upon arrival in Bissau if arrangements are made in advance, there are no clear instructions for how to make those arrangements.  Check with your airline as well.

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011_yes-128Health Requirements:

  • Visit the Center for Disease Control: CDC.GOV for complete health requirements.


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