Save time and money ! Send us your documents to pre-check for you before you send them to us. Forget to sign your application, fill out the wrong information, forget to check your passport for validity requirements ? Sending us incorrect documents and losing a couple of days' time to correct them can delay your trip.






and more….

Call us with the country you are going to, and we can do it for you.  Uploading documents can be frustrating to meet some of the requirements. Let us help you.



Applications online are more complicated today. Uploading photos and documents for the Brazilian consulate, India online applications, and so many other countries you may need help with. Your visa or passport representative will walk you through all of the procedures , step by step. Priority processing and your documents will be prechecked.

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July 2020

PASSPORT AGENCY is in STAGE 2 as of July 9,2020.  Appointments will resume for JIDS to assist you when they reach STAGE 3.  As of today they are still only accepting LIFE & DEATH EMERGENCIES.  If you would like us to call you when they reopen please call us at 914-592-2760.

Important notice from the CONSULATE GENERAL OF CHINA in New York:

Foreign nationals (US CITIZENS and ALL PASSPORT HOLDERS) holding visas or residence permits still valid to the time of the announcement are temporarily suspended the entry into China. The valid visa you are holding now is temporarily not valid for entry into China.
When the above-mentioned arrangement will be adjusted cannot be estimated at present time.

Anyone applying for NEW VISAS, the procedures have been updated.  See our CHINA PAGE for further details

If you have questions about other countries visa processing call us.  As of July 9th, they are still not visa processing.

ORDER FORM has been updated to use a secure service to store your credit card information.  If you would like to have a FILL ABLE ONLINE version to include with your package to us.  email Liz@justindocument.com

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